The Wedding Party Hall

The wedding party started with a dinner. Meggie gave a memorable speech titled Ystäväni Minna (My friend Minna). The wedding cake was big. We also had a candy decoration with Minna catching me with a rod. For those who do not understand Finnish, our last name vapa means a fishing rod. We also played Tuttu juttu (A Sure Thing) and got at least two questions right! Our bachelor’s parties were memorized with a garden tree of photos for Minna and a “training day” book for Mikko. All members of the wedding party could sign their names to our together photo.

Video of Anneli Vehkaniemi giving speech about history of Vehkaniemi yard, the introduction of the wedding audience and the speech of bride’s mother Seija. Video showing the speeches of bride’s father Pekka and Minna’s friend Meggie as well as a “task list” of bride’s brother Ville. Video about the cutting of the wedding cake. Video of “The Tuttu Juttu” show. The hysterical laughing belongs to my aunt Tarja 😀

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