The Vehkaniemi Yard

The wedding party started in front of Vehkaniemi yard built in 1700s. Minna’s Kolho friends Anne, Johanna, Saara and Jenna were mainly in charge of the music before the dance party. Minna’s uncles Pentti and Kalevi with Minna’s father Pekka were also present. Some national costumes were worn by Anna-Leena and Minna’s mother Seija. Anssi and Henna from Mänttä along with Kolho friends portraited in fascinating Minna’s wedding ring 🙂 Minna’s long list of friends included also Tiina and Anni who were first met in Kuopio when Minna was studying there. Minna’s main Helsinki friends were also present: Mariam, Jutta, Bettina, Meggie and Johanna. Bestman-Marko was guiding the Vehkaniemi wedding orienteering. Other meanwhile activities were presented by Lauri and Mika and Aapo.

Video of a veeery long queue of congratulatees and a group photo shoot.

UUSI YRITYS 177 Minnan ja Mikon häät 1670 Minnan ja Mikon häät 1815 Minnan ja Mikon häät 1823 Minnan ja Mikon häät 1935 Minnan ja Mikon häät 1995 Minnan ja Mikon häät 2119 Minnan ja Mikon häät 2149 Minnan ja Mikon häät 2164 UUSI YRITYS 255 UUSI YRITYS 260 UUSI YRITYS 292 UUSI YRITYS 317 UUSI YRITYS 328UUSI YRITYS 243 XUUSI YRITYS 201 XUUSI YRITYS 247