The Secret Missions

Then we decided to reveal that we had secret missions during the wedding day. All those who completed their missions came forth and explained what they were required to do. Bestman’s backup, Antti, had to dance the mothers of the bride and groom. Krista had to introduce herself three times to one guest and she selected bestman Marko as a target. Johanna had to obtain the recipe of the famous pea soup of Mikko’s mother, which she got written on a paper. Jutta had to explain to her table neighbours that she could not take her dogs with her even though she supposedly had asked of that from the bride. Jussi was spending time drinking and eating from other people’s plates and cups 🙂 Mira as a fashion expert had to inquire about national costumes of the persons wearing them. I think in total about 15 secret missions were completed whereas about 5 missions were not. As a prize for the completed missions all the participants got a long pill for the after party.

Video of the revelation of the secret missions.

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