The Pony Trip to Vehkaniemi

Our marriage started quite unexpectedly with an adventurous pony trip with Albert. We selected a longer route to Vehkaniemi and thus ended first going downhill and then quite high uphill with the pony. Albert started to walk and stop in the uphill and Minna suggested that I would take off and walk along Albert. I thought well, Albert is a horse, he can pull us. Then almost at the top of the hill Albert stopped and a food service company’s car passed by at the same time resulting in that Albert started walking backwards and pushed the whole wagon to a ditch. We didn’t have time to react and after the accident Albert was lying on his left side on the ditch stuck with a wagon so he could not move at all. Then I started lifting up the wagon and immediately when Albert got up he started eating grass. Everything well! The bride-Minna was also okay and with the food service company’s worker they started figuring out how to get out from the ditch with Albert and the wagon. This I could catch with a photo as well as a photo of the wedding bible which got some dirt marks during the accident 🙂 This accident place is marked with a red cross in the map below.

Well, then we got our stuff back to the wagon and started going towards Vehkaniemi. Now in the uphill I was walking on the road and Minna was leading Albert. After a while when we had travelled almost one kilometer (marked as yellow in the map) Minna recognized that her bride flower bush is missing. I told that I can run and fetch it, it surely will be in the accident place. Then I ran in total almost two kilometers back and forth (marked as blue in the map). The last part of the pony trip went well. I was sweating, but happy. Now there is something to remember!

Video of the pony trip’s end and Minna explaining what has happened. And a little bit more edited version of Albert’s trip here.

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