The Cowhouse Dance Party

The celebrations continued in Vehkaniemi Cowhouse with a wedding dance. Meki executed a champagne bottle with a billhook. Severi (basically Minna’s boss in pharmacy of Mänttä) was having his first band trip in a wedding with his father. Also photo shots from Minna’s good friends Oskari, Johanna, Sanja, goddaughter Sanna and neighborhood family Ruohonen-Juslin from Kolho.

Video of Minna’s friends Johanna, Anne, Saara and Jenna singing “Joka päivä ja joka ikinen yö / Every Day and Every Night” and “Minä sinua vaan / I Just You”. Video of the wedding waltz “Kaksi onnellista / Duo Happy” and introduction to the next dancing competition by bestman-Marko. Video of the endurance dancing competition. Video of “Käy Muumi-laaksoon! / Go to the Moomin Valley!”. Video of Meki executing the champagne bottle.

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