Minna’s & Mikko’s Wedding Spectacle 15.8.2015

Minnan ja Mikon häät 184

This is a dower (huomenlahja in Finnish) for my wife (even though it ended up being a little bit late one month wedding present).  The present is divided into the following chapters:

  1. The Preparations
  2. The Church of Pohjaslahti
  3. The Pony Trip to Vehkaniemi
  4. The Vehkaniemi Yard
  5. The Wedding Party Hall
  6. The Cowhouse Dance Party
  7. The Surprise Visit of The European Aunt
  8. The Throwing of The Bride Bouquet and The Garter
  9. The Secret Missions
  10. The After Parties

Have a nice visual trip to our wedding!

P.S.1. Minna, I think this can be also regarded as partly completing one secret mission – a reporter of a wedding magazine in disguise?

P.S.2. Special thanks go to Juha, Pena, Oskari and especially Siiri for providing us lots of wedding evidence material.

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